converting ost files

Simple and effective way to convert OST files:

The more people are becoming aware of the downsides of storing their files in the OST format the more they are looking for ways out to convert files without compromising on the safety of their data. The OST files can become inaccessible at any given point of time- in case of abrupt shutdown of system, loss of Exchange file, or virus attack. The best policy is to change the format of the OST files to any given format- PST, EML, Postox, Apple Mail etc. A tool which provides this possibility is the OST Extractor Pro by USL Software.

Choose the OST Extractor Pro for better performance:

One can convert and recover OST files by employing several methods, the one method which is fool-proof against all instances of data corruption and loss is using the OST Extractor Pro by USL Software. It is available for both Mac and Windows, making it easier for clients to work with its and distinguishing it from one-time use apps. Below we enumerate upon the features which make this tool a superior candidate among converters.

convert ost files

Non-English language compatibility:

The major demand of mail converter clients has been a tool which can convert mail files in non-English languages without corrupting them. The OST Extractor Pro provides that possibility. It works with all kinds of files irrespective of the language they are in. Non-English languages which use double-byte characters- Japanese, Chinese, and Korean too are converted without error with this tool.

convert ost file

Batch conversion for faster output:

People can now access their converted data in much lesser time by employing the batch conversion technique. This feature is helpful in providing faster rate of conversion by migrating files in hundreds of number at once. Neither does this affect the quality of the task in a negative manner.

Digs deep for files:

Many a times people get converted files which are either disjointed from their attachments or lacking the nested messages. This converter does not let that happen, it carefully goes through the entire database to search for missing links, attachments, and nested messages. So the client gets files in finished form every time.

Easy to use for all kinds of clients:

The OST Extractor Pro is extremely user-friendly and can be operated by all kinds of clients- with and without technical knowledge. Its user-friendly GUI is thus an essential feature of this tool. Anyway, the client is not expected to do anything other than choose the files for conversion, click ‘next’ a few times and choose the format for the output.

Extremely fast data processing:

The major benefit of using this tool is that not only is it fully automated but also quite fast in its service. Under normal conditions it can provide a speed of converting 1 GB data within 10 minutes. This is accelerated using the batch conversion technique.

There are many other features too of this converter which can be unlocked once the client gets the full version of the app. Inquiries and questions are welcome via calls as well as mails.

convert ost

This is the best tool to convert ost to pst.

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