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Recover OST file and convert them into your required file format

Struggling with large and complex OST files? Want to recover OST file? Here’s everything you will get from ‘OST Extractor Pro’

OST Extractor Pro by USL Software handles all the data types and different types of file formats and exports them in required format very easily. It gives you accurate conversion of data and secure platform to recover all your data without any difficulty.

Available for both Mac and Windows. 

recover ost file

Why Recover OST file manually usually fails?

The biggest reason of failure is the size of the file and the complex structure of the OST file. There might be a possibility that the internal structure of the OST files might change while exporting. This leads to corruption of the files and in result it stops the process. But mostly the files are complex because the email files can contain anything. Files can contain any type of text format, any type of attachments etc. There should be something that can handle anything without any hindrance.

OST Extractor Pro can recover any type of OST file. It guarantees to recover all your data without any data loss or data modification.

The ultimate solution to recover OST file

Stop worrying about the file and its size. OST Extractor Pro will take care of everything. Your job is over. Tool will take all your files irrespective of their size and will recover all the data with 100% accurate result. Just select the files you need to export and handover them to the tool. It will do your work in minimum time.

recover ost files

OST Extractor Pro can take input in almost all the languages like Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and many more.

It can recover attachments like images, pdf files etc.

Supports S/MIME encrypted emails.

Other features of OST Extractor Pro ->

  • Recovers all the data, each and everything in the file.
  • Maintains 100% accuracy.
  • No loss of data.
  • No modification in the data.
  • 24*7 customer care support.
  • Very friendly user interface.
  • Handles all the complex files.
  • Takes input in all the languages.
  • Supports different output format like convert OST to PST, Postbox, EML, apple mail etc.
  • Very fast conversion.
  • High accuracy maintained.

Start recovering your OST files to the required format and get your result in less time. Hurry up and start experiencing the best tool for email migration.

Download the software NOW!!!

You can download the software now by clicking on the link below. The software can be downloaded according to the user’s need. The software is available for personal as well as corporate use.

Try now:

Needs time to decide? Get the trial version first…

Do not worry. The trial version can help you with that. Just download it, install it, and get started. It does not need any configuration for the trial mode. The tool will run instantly after installation. You can test all the features in detail. You can test the files up to 10 items from each folder.

Link for trial version ->

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