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OST to PST Conversion Made Simple by an Advanced Tool from USL Software!

OST to PST conversion is more about data recovery and less about data conversion. But a good tool should be able to do both accurately. And Sadly, there are few tools, if at all, that can perform both equally well.

Why OST to PST conversion is necessary?

If you are here, you already know why you need to convert OST to PST files. But here’s a short primer on why OST to PST conversion is a thing.

OST is a file used by Outlook to store data. It’s used to work with your emails in offline mode, as opposed to directly online with servers like in PST. Then, any changes made offline will be synced automatically to the exchange servers. In some cases, OST file can get damaged or inaccessible before the data is synched, leaving all of the data stuck.

Couple of reasons why OST file can be damaged are: virus/trojan affected the Outlook from functioning properly, server failure, abrupt shutdown of system, hard drive failure, etc.

Some users can mistakenly delete the original email account from which the OST file was associated with. That would make the file inaccessible. Some take the OST file with them while changing the company they work with mistakenly thinking they are safekeeping their data. But it doesn’t work as OST file needs the original account it was created with.

In all such cases, you need to convert OST file to PST to get the data recovered or converted. And there’s no better tool to do so than “OST Extractor Pro.”

What Makes “OST Extractor Pro” Endorsed by Many Experts!

OST Extractor Pro’ is a Windows tool to convert OST to PST files and help recover damaged data even in most server cases of corruption. But what is it about ‘OST Extractor Pro’ that makes it the favorite tool of many experts and even basic users?

ost to pst conversion

Here are couple of reasons why the tool has made such a mark:

  • Supports large OST files
  • Supports multiple OST files in bulk (batch conversion)
  • Easy interface
  • Converts data without changing a thing like images, attachments, metadata, headers, timestamps, and so on.
  • Capable of OST to PST conversion while keeping the folder hierarchy unaffected
  • Supports non-English languages too inside email bodies like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese
  • Allows users to limit the size of output PST file, and automatically splits the files larger than the allowed size
  • 24×7 customer support for any queries, setbacks during recovery if any, or virtually any kind of help that you require

OST Extractor Pro” has changed a lot of ways how the world thought about OST to PST conversion. It was a necessary task when the need arises, but sadly, no proper solution existed till now.

But not anymore.

Download free trial for OST to PST Conversion

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ost to pst

Download “OST Extractor Pro” today. You can get the free trial setup right now and check out the features without activation or sign up. After full satisfaction, you can purchase the software for OST to PST conversion.

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