OST to PST Conversion for Microsoft Outlook (Mac & Win) 1

OST to PST Conversion for Microsoft Outlook (Mac & Win)

OST to PST conversion is a tough task. It can never be done manually. This method is extremely risky for database as the format we are dealing with is very fragile.

However, we can convert OST files to PST with the help of a tool. Among many fraudulent tools, there is one which is safe, easy, smooth and brisk in its task of OST conversion to PST. This tool is called OST Extractor Pro.

All About OST to PST Conversion

OST Extractor Pro is an excellent tool. It has two primary tasks – one, extracting OST files and second, converting them to PST format. The tool excels at both of them exponentially.

OST Extractor Pro has numerous benefits associated to it. It can make any OST related task easy, it is extremely easy to use, can convert OST files to not just PST but also EML, MBOX and apple mail archive’s format. Other than that the tool allows customers freedom of choice. The tool gives customer the choice to allocate the files he/she is about to convert beforehand. Also, it allows them to select only a few files for conversion process.

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Salient features of OST Extractor Pro:-

Graphical user interface

OST Extractor Pro’s graphical user interface is very friendly and interactive. It does not let customers feel even a bit of sophistication of OST to PST Conversion. The tool employs self-explanatory wizards which simplifies OST to PST Conversion process immensely. This makes OST to PST Conversion just a few clicks away for customers.

OST Extraction

OST Extractor Pro can extract OST files like a professional. It makes OST extraction, a very sophisticated process in itself, very easy. The tool does not make any discrimination among various OST sources, and extracts OST files from every location possible. Only this way this tool makes a comprehensive OST extraction process possible.

Comprehensive OST to PST Conversion

OST Extractor Pro understands the anatomy of modern mails. Modern mails are complicated. These mails comprise of nested mails, embedded images, Meta data content and attachments. Such diversity can only be handled in conversion process by a remarkable tool like OST Extractor Pro.


OST Extractor Pro is a highly versatile tool. The tool makes it easy for customers to convert their PST files to format of other email clients. From EML, MBOX to Apple mail archive’s format, the tool covers them all. You need only OST Extractor Pro for any type of OST conversion process.

Preserves folder hierarchy

OST Extractor Pro can keep the folder hierarchy intact. The tool has all the features required to make arrangements for making this happen. This is very important for the post-conversion process. This way OST Extractor Pro takes care of OST conversion processes comprehensively.

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Free trial version

OST Extractor Pro has a free trial version which helps customers in knowing the tool more. This free trial version has all the salient features of OST Extractor Pro. Customers can explore the tool to heart’s content and see its amazing features in action.

Download the demo version of OST Extractor Pro right now!