olm to entourage conversion

New to OLM to Entourage Conversion? You Need to Read This Article!

OLM to Entourage Conversion

Microsoft replaced Entourage with Outlook in 2010 for Mac users. But Entourage is still being used by many users. That’s why, OLM to Entourage conversion software exists.

What if you have to share your Outlook 2011 data to Entourage? It appears that it should be easy to do that, since both clients were developed by Microsoft and Entourage was a predecessor to Outlook.

Unfortunately, that is not true. Both clients use different data files, and there is no in-built official feature to sync /import the data across them.

That’s why the newcomers to email migration can find this job of exporting emails from Outlook to Entourage too complicated.

The most common road to take is to convert OLM to Entourage files called RGE. This cannot be done manually (such as renaming the .olm files to .rge), only through unofficial applications that convert the files’ formats.

Many would recommend you the manual technique using a dummy email account and then syncing data through IMAP based method. That is almost impractical for more than two folders.

That leaves with unofficial tools. They extract data from OLM format and merge it with RGE. You can then send that RGE file to the Entourage user you have to share the data with.

Unofficial tools not affiliated directly with Microsoft can sound a bit intimidating. And it should be. Plenty of tools have alarming possibility of data loss, even the expensive ones. How your OLM to Entourage conversion takes place depend solely on which tool you use.

But you don’t have anything to worry anymore.

It might take countless hours if not whole days to find a professional third-party tool that works safely. But we have already done that for you. After thoroughly testing the top most recommended OLM to Entourage (RGE) converters, we came up with the best one that does the job with impressive precision, safety, and speed.

The winner is “OLM Extractor Pro,” comes from USL Software, a company known for many other excellent similar email file conversion tools.

“OLM Extractor Pro” is a complete package for converting OLM file to essentially all Mac email files for Thunderbird, Entourage, Apple Mail, Postbox, etc. You can take your OLM files and convert it into any formats from above with extremely sharp accuracy and care for the data integrity.

olm to entourage conversion

For this article, we are focusing only on OLM to Entourage conversion.

Using “OLM Extractor Pro” for moving OLM files into Entourage RGE file is as intuitive as it can get. You basically have to do nothing other than select the OLM files you have, choose the folders for conversion, choose ‘Entourage 2004/2008’ as output file from the list, and hit the ‘convert’ button.

All the heavy operations and any manually required actions are automated and happen at the back-end. The tool is also completely free of any server side scripting and also requires no cloud scripting. Everything happens without internet connection locally on your machine, adding another layer of protection to your data and privacy.

The unique event handlers safeguard the minute details of your data (Like metadata, headers, graphical objects, etc.) in case of abrupt events. Smart processing logic also captures the essence of your original data without modifying it. This gives you the perfect RGE files for Entourage that reflects the original architecture of your data.

The tool is built to support the conversion of all complex data forms that other tools do not.

  • Non-English text
  • Folder hierarchy
  • Read/unread tags of emails
  • Metadata and headers (to, from, subject, cc, bcc)
  • Data and timestamps
  • Nested messages and their structure
  • Graphical objects
  • Email attachments
  • And more

And at last, with the 24×7 tech support team having your back at every step of OLM to Entourage migration, you never have to face any complicated situation. The team is built of email migration experts that will take you out of any high-and-dry situation within a matter of few minutes.

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You can check out the tool in action by downloading the setup and using it in the free trial mode. Download it here- http://www.olmextractorpro.com/ and try it for OLM to Entourage conversion.

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