Moving Emails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird Quickly and Accurately 1

Moving Emails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird Quickly and Accurately

Start Moving Your Emails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird

If you are for any reason moving to Thunderbird from Mac Mail, you are going to need a professional system to get your data transferred as well. This process of migrating data across email clients is always a little difficult. It is specially a daunting job to move emails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird for technical reasons.

While it’s true that both email clients are for Mac operating system, they both store data differently. And that can make moving emails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird complicated. The most important distinction to make here is that Mac Mail uses EMLX files to store email messages. You can’t use the EMLX file in Thunderbird.

There are few other manual approaches but all of them are time consuming and can lead to corruption. In most cases, you will end up with fragmented elements that don’t match the original data, also called data integrity loss.

If you want to start moving your mails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird, you got to start with a professional third-party tool that have the features and the functionality it takes to convert complex information without any data integrity loss. One such professional tool that has taken hold in this domain is “Mail Extractor Max.”

mac mail to thunderbird conversion

Mail Extractor Max” is developed by USL Software and the developers have got the basics of a software applications perfectly down to each element. However, what makes “Mail Extractor Max” is one thing that is unique and you can’t find it elsewhere.

Convert Mac Mail to Thunderbird Directly From Profile Folder

Usually when it comes to email migration, most solutions start by extracting data from archived files like MBOX. For that you need to take some manual steps, like archiving data to MBOX, and then load those files into the converter. “Mail Extractor Max” works a bit differently and far more efficiently in that regards.

mac mail to thunderbird

Instead of targeting these archived data files, it can instead pick up Mac Mail profile database folder directly. This profile database, also called ‘identity database” is where everything is stored by Mac Mail by default. You don’t need to do anything other than simply click on the “Load” icon in the tool can it will get everything up and ready for conversion.

This not only makes the job quicker and easier for beginners, but it also significantly improves the accuracy of output files.

mac mail into thunderbird

The most important aspect of this direct conversion is accuracy. “Mail Extractor Max” is able to convert almost everything from Mac Mail to Thunderbird, such as:

  • Folder hierarchy
  • Non-English text
  • Nested emails
  • Email attachments
  • Images and graphical objects
  • Metadata and headers
  • MIME defined content
  • And more

exporting mac mail to thunderbird

Other than that, “Mail Extractor Max” also ranks higher than any other similar tool for this job is because of its interface. UI is the most important element of any software application as it minimizes the gulf between basic users and advanced nature of the process by allowing them to interact with the tool intuitively and easily. “Mail Extractor Max” has a basic user interface, graphically oriented, that gives you the opportunity to just follow the wizard and instructions and not worry about any of the trickier technical aspect of the conversion.

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Get it to convert Mac Mail to Thunderbird

You can try it for yourself by choosing the free trial version at first. You will quickly realize that there cannot be better, quicker, and more professional approach to Mac Mail to Thunderbird conversion. The link for free trial setup is given below.

Download and

mac mail to thunderbird export

mac mail export to thunderbird

If you are planning to move emails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird, then try ‘Mail Extractor Max’ today.