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Migrate PST to Thunderbird with completely intact elements!

Migrate PST to Thunderbird for Mac & Win, let’s start from the beginning. You need to understand that Microsoft Outlook saves mail files as .pst files. But when you need to access these files in Mac mails or Thunderbird, you will be able to access file only if they are in MBOX format. You need the same data albeit with a different format. What would you do? You will look for a method which can change this format and do it in an efficient way.

What do we mean by efficient PST to Thunderbird migration?

It would mean that when we transfer/ convert files, they should be intact. The order of contents or order of folders in a PST file should ideally be preserved, and there should be no threats to device as well as files as a consequence of this process. But here comes an issue. We don’t live in an ideal world. So, it won’t be possible that we pick up any method and get ideal and same results. In this not so ideal world, USL provides an ideal solution in form of PST extractor Pro to users for the most efficient migration of this type.

migrate pst to thunderbird

Advantages offered by this tool to migrate PST to Thunderbird

 The biggest advantage lies in getting a professional tool for this task which works on Mac. The second advantage is getting a license at a very low price. Next are a number of task specific benefits which we will take a look at now:

  • Fast and hundred percent accurate results on Mac
  • Folders will be in the same order as they were before this migration
  • The interface is graphic which is very useful to make the process easy and guide users along the entire task
  • All elements are safe. As our mail data has different kind of content or elements, the process to migrate them completely is quite complex. But it is simplified and made efficient by this solution.
  • Zero hassles for all users. This can be ascribed to strong algorithms and GUI.
  • Split MBOX files. If you think files are too large and you would want to split them, you can do so with this tool.
  • Support all along. If there is any help needed with the use of this tool, it can be availed round the clock
  • Packages to suit everyone: check out the different packages available for this tool to suit individuals and different types of businesses

 Migrate PST to Thunderbird MBOX files with zero hassles

This is a point which must be reiterated because the biggest block to using really safe and successful tools has always been their difficult application. Humans shy away from challenges not directly related to their primary jobs. But as mail migration is now important part of work, it is important to have user friendly solutions. This tool is a perfect example of that and can be applied for the task by a beginner easily.

PST to Thunderbird Migration

Experience and proceed

We are here to make things easy for you. Thus we are offering you a limited period free trial to begin with. Here is the link-

Get ‘Pst Extractor Pro’ today to migrate PST to Thunderbird for Mac and Windows.

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