MBOX to PST Converter Mac - Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST for MS Outlook 1

MBOX to PST Converter Mac – Convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST for MS Outlook

Unveiling the Most Effective MBOX to PST Converter Mac.

If you tried to convert MBOX to other file formats, such as PST, or move your emails from Mbox supporting clients to Outlook, you realized how tricky it can be without the help of a third party email migration tool. Converting MBOX to PST can be very challenging for a common user who does not have enough information on email migration.

Many times users have reported loss of data and similar other unwanted results when either performing manual conversion method or using ordinary tools.

MBOX to PST Converter Mac

But thankfully, you can all let that slide away. Mail Extractor Pro is one of those MBOX data extracting tools that could migrate your data from MBOX client to Windows Outlook. The modern technology employed by the developers ensures smooth and effortless transition between MBOX and the destination, which is PST.

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Below are the 7 points that makes it one of the best MBOX to PST Converter Mac that you could get your hands on.

1 – Quick installation

Installation is as simple as it can be. Simply follow the installation wizard and install it in minutes. Developers have put efforts so that setting up the tool and using it for the first time is hassle-free.

2 – Highly user-friendly

If you have experienced ordinary tools, you know the difficult one has to face with their confusing interface. It gets really hard and confusing for a common user to make sense of it. Thankfully, Mail Extractor Pro has a user-friendly interface that is simple and straightforward to use.

3 – Preserve non-English content

Non-English content in the data is actually Unicode, which is difficult to preserve during the conversion. If one sends or receives data in another language, it might be frustrating for him or her to lose those emails after the conversion. Mail Extractor Pro has a special programming that can detect Unicode content and safely converts it to PST without losing or corrupting it.

4 – Preserve all the file attachments

These days, attaching files through emails is the most popular mode of sharing. However, during the MBOX to PST conversion, using ordinary tools, loss of attachments is very probable. Mail Extractor Pro, yet again, can preserve your attachments in an impressive manner.

6 – “Auto Load” Function

It is fully capable of handling a large database. It can automatic load your Apple Mail Database to convert PST files without compromising the precision, speed, and safety.

6 – Data Integrity

Data integrity issues are commonly observed when one moves all the emails from MBOX to PST. User generally finds the data confused when compared with the original database. Original order of your folders (folder hierarchy), read/unread status of mails, Metadata (to, Cc, Bcc, and Subject), images, contact photos, nested messages, etc. are some of the important part of your data that needs to be preserved.Data integrity issue is very common in MBOX migration, where a user finds the converted data a lot different from the original.Mail Extractor Pro has a powerful capability of scanning, reading, and preserving the full data while converting. The technique employed ensures the safety of all the things stated above.

7 – Very Fast speed

The last, but not least, concern is of the speed. With ordinary tools, it can take hours to fully convert the data. However, Mail Extractor Pro has a surprising speed with which it converts MBOX files. You can literally be done with the task in mere minutes.

If you are ready to switch from Apple Mail / MBOX to other email clients (Windows & Mac Outlook), we would recommend to get Mail Extractor Pro as soon as possible.

mbox to pst converter mac

Get MBOX to PST Converter Mac Version

Go ahead and click the link here (http://www.mailextractorpro.com/)to try the MBOX to PST Converter Mac free demo version.

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