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Import OST to Thunderbird – Just Got Way Easier and Safer!

Importing data files from one client to other can be daunting. Because, technically, it is not possible. There are certain clients that do share one common data file compatible across both, like Mac Mail and Thunderbird can both use MBOX files. But these are few and not always applicable.

Import OST to Thunderbird Mac/Windows

This article specifically discusses about import OST to Thunderbird, which can be even more daunting than any other tasks because OST is not fit for data import even in Outlook, even though OST is an Outlook file.

OST has a different purpose than its counterpart, PST. While PST is a personal data file that you can use for importing, backing up data, exporting, migrating, etc. manually, OST is internal file for Outlook and works automatically in sync with the mailbox servers. When this connection is broken, there is no way you can employ OST to any client.

Converting Outlook OST files

This is the reason why converting or importing Outlook OST to Thunderbird can be intimidating to many, even if they  had previous experience of email migration with other type of files.

However, USL Software has brought a new tool forward that can put this to end once and for all. It effectively recover OST files to many other formats, including Thunderbird.

The Only tool that helps you

Import OST to Thunderbird

And its biggest aspect out of dozens is the accuracy with which it handles and processes the information. You are never likely to find any abnormalities or inconsistencies with the output data files for Thunderbird.

Precise Algorithm’s Network to Put Together Data Correctly

You know that in today’s day of email communication, the files like OST can be complex and rich in contents. This puts an extra burden on tools that need to process those contents. This is why generic tools can end up with integrity slipups. The list below has the components that are harder than the general text in email bodies. While you read them, notice if think your OST files have them. The chances, they most likely do:

  • Email headers (Time and date, to, from, cc, bcc, subject line)
  • Graphics like photos, icons, and others.
  • Email attachments
  • Folders (and they way they are arranged; folder hierarchy)
  • Nested emails (conversational style arrangement of emails and their replies)
  • Unicode text characters (English and non-English language text)

Safe, Secure and Accurate

All of these different and unique information components are not often picked up by sloppy converters and you eventually get broken or incomplete Thunderbird files.

And this is where this tool by USL Software shines. It will never ignore or bypass these contents. Whatever the OST files have contained in them, the tool will safely and comprehensively pick them all up and convert to Thunderbird files.

This precision is why the tool is loved by experts who need to import OST to Thunderbird in work environment. Because often with data related to business, even a tiny loss could be potentially devastating.

Try it to import OST to Thunderbird

Only this tool puts you on ease by converting everything with precision. It is called “OST Extractor Pro” and you can pick it up the free trial version here.

import outlook ost to thunderbird

This works on ten emails from each folder inside the OST files, but gives you access to the full interface and the range of features. Find out how it fits your needs, and you will realize it is an excellent email migration utility that offers you a streamlined experience with an otherwise tedious and daunting process.

Get it today and convert ost to pst for Mac and Windows Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX and EML file formats.

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