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How to Import OST to Apple Mail – A Clever Solution!

How to import OST to Apple Mail? Here is the tool you need. Read it know more about the tool and how it works.

All email clients store data in some kind of files. There are data and archived files and other kinds as well. Sometimes, when the two email clients you want the data to migrate across share a common file, the task becomes quick and simple. But when they don’t, you need to go through elaborate procedures of converting the formats.

How to import OST to Apple Mail

Today, we are talking about the similar type of email migration – how to import OST to Apple Mail.

We receive this question multiple times in a week. Many people have the OST files that they would like to open in some other client like Apple Mail or Thunderbird. More frequently, it is the most popular email client (and free) in Mac OS X that they’d like to import OST to Apple Mail.

Apple Mail uses MBOX to import data, And therefore, to properly get all the contents from OST into the client, you need to convert OST to MBOX.

OST to MBOX or Apple Mail Archive

You, perhaps, have the same goal. We are going to give you something even better than OST to MBOX converter. Our suggest software tool can convert OST to not merely the standard MBOX files but to Apple Mail native database as well, which is far more accurate and quicker to import than through MBOX. Though, MBOX is a generic file that can be used with other programs too.

You can decide if you want to convert OST to MBOX or OST to Apple Mail native folder directly; you choose.

Here is the tool, You need

The application goes by the name of “OST Extractor Pro.” And as the name suggests, it’s primary function is to extract the information from OST files and put it into the format of your choice.

how to import ost to apple mail

How it works

  1. Launch the tool on Mac or Win.
  2. Click on ‘Open OST’.
  3. Locate OST files, then click on “Open”.
  4. Choose what you want to convert. By default all folders are selected.
  5. Now choose the output format as “Apple Mail, Addressbook, Calendar (iCal)”.
  6. Then hit on “Convert”

Get the trial version and know how to import OST to Apple Mail easily.

The reason we suggest “OST Extractor Pro” are plenty:

  • The interface will never give you any trouble. It is one of the simplest tools to operate. The UI design makes it clear for people of all skills (even the basic beginner users) to navigate around the tool’s UI.
  • The central network of algorithms responsible for data extraction are much ahead of all other converters. This leads to 100% conversion of all the emails and every detail with them, such as headers, graphics, and attachments.
  • “OST Extractor Pro” features native support to convert the Unicode text, otherwise, it is the first time that generic tools can miss or not convert with precision.
  • Since OST file cannot be imported to Outlook as well, the tool even lets you convert it to PST, the native Windows Outlook file that can also work with Mac version of the Outlook client.
  • Dedicated extraction process for the folders that makes it possible to retain the original hierarchy.
  • The tool keeps the emails that are unread as such.
  • Choice to limit the size of PST file (creates additional files if the size you set is crossed)
  • It is incredibly fast, even if you want to convert multiple and large OST files at once. The stability and performance remains untouched during massive scale migration projects, like in a corporation.
  • The technical support of USL Software (available via chat and emails) is always ready for assistance, 24 x 7.
import ost to apple mail

There are three licenses to choose from for activating the full version, or you can first try out the free edition for further information on the tool’s features and performance.

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