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Export Mac Mail to Outlook (PST) 365 Quick & Easy Way

Words easy and Exporting Mac Mail to Outlook PST doesn’t really go hand in hand. The process involves a lot of complexities and technicalities with your data on the line, it becomes hard to perform it flawlessly.

Export Mac Mail to Outlook PST

But with evolution in technology everything has become easy and email conversion industry had a great impact from it.

It’s the time of third-party converter tool

Third-party converter tools are the result of evolution of technology. The converter tools make it easier to Export Mac Mail to Outlook PST and provide many other facilities too. Only the criteria are that you choose the right converter tool. And choosing the right converter tool is winning half the battle.

Currently there is no better tool in the market than USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro. The tool tops the recommendation charts for both causal and professional users. It provides you with everything you need in the perfect proportion to give you a perfect conversion process.

export mac mail to outlook

The Most Accurate Leader

The leader of the converter tool used for Exporting Mac Mail to Outlook PST provides you with the best in class conversion accuracy. The accuracy of the tool makes it easier for you to achieve the perfect conversion process.

It converts everything present in your input file leaving not even a single bit of data unconverted. The tool even makes sure that everything is loaded up for conversion by automating the process of loading up of email database file.

The fully automated process gives a flawless upload leaving none of the data behind. And once everything is loaded up, the tool works it magic and converts it all to a different format.

Encoding schemes and type of data doesn’t fazes the tool. It doesn’t matter to it that the data is either the scary Unicode or the easier to convert ASCII.

It converts both with same precision and accuracy and provide you with a safe process of Exporting Mac Mail to Outlook PST.

export mac mail to outlook pst

It all easy with this tool

Exporting Mac Mail to Outlook PST is hard but even more harder is operating the tool used for doing so. Most Apple Mail MBOX to PST converter tools in the market support an interface that looks like the control panel of an airplane. With all the functionalities dumped at the same place it makes it harder for the user to figure out how the tool needs to be operated.

Mail Extractor Pro solves this problem by providing you with a simple to use interface. The interface only shows what is necessary for the user to carry out the conversion process easily.

With informative wizards and pop ups to guide you through the process, the tool makes it easier for you to Export Mac Mail to Outlook PST without getting lost or distracted.

How to Export Mac Mail to Outlook

  1. Download ‘Mail Extractor Pro’
  2. Install and Launch it.
  3. Click on “Load” button for Mac Mail
  4. You will get 2 Options to load Mac Mail Data
    1. Auto Load – This one is the hands free solution, that auto load entire Mailbox with one click.
    2. Open – Browse and Locate. If you have backup copy of Mac Mail Export Mailbox or ‘Mail’ folder copied.
  5. Customize Your Conversion
    1. Ignore Empty Folders
    2. Check / Uncheck Folders
    3. Set The Output PST File Size
  6. Click “Convert”

Get it to Export Mac Mail to Outlook PST

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exporting mac mail to outlook pst

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