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Export Apple Mail to Outlook Windows – Convert Profile Folder to PST files Directly!

Export Apple Mail to Outlook Windows by converting the profile or identity folder directly to PST files. It does not require EMLX or MBOX files. The software application discussed here makes this process extremely simple and it delivers accurate results.

Export Apple Mail to Outlook Windows

Usually, the email migration process follows archiving data to data files. Then converting those files to format that you want. In case of Apple Mail to Outlook Windows, you have to either find and convert EMLX files to PST from the main database, or archive data to MBOX files and then use an MBOX to PST converter.

Both of these EMLX and MBOX conversion don’t give the best results. The worst outcome is that you will end up with PST files that don’t have all the original items and not in the original structure. Some of the more sophisticated contents like images, attachments, folder hierarchy, Unicode text, and so on can get lost during conversion.

To deal with such email migration tasks, in this case about Apple Mail to Outlook Windows data export, the best way to migrate is by targeting the source called Profile or identity folder, and not through data files like EMLX or MBOX.

Best Way to Export Apple Mail to Outlook Windows

Now you can easily do that with the help of ‘Mail Extractor Pro’. It is the only tool with vast range of features. It allows you to convert straight from the “Mail” folder, which is the profile folder of Apple Mail in users’ library. By removing the need of manual user input through data files. The tool offers higher precision, speed, and overall efficient performance that you don’t get anywhere else.

Export Apple Mail to Outlook Windows

Apart from that, you also get many other features with “Mail Extractor Pro” that many similar tools don’t:

The Key Features

  • It can get your folders from Apple Mail to Outlook PST files without any changes in their order/arrangement. This protection for folder hierarchy is a much-needed feature that saves a lot of frustration after the conversion.
  • You can set the maximum limit for PST files, which if crossed, automatically creates additional PST files during conversion. It lets you avoid large PST files that can be hard to import to Outlook.
  • Apart from Apple Mail to Outlook Windows PST files, it can also convert Thunderbird, Postbox, and standard MBOX files to PST as well.
  • The option to manually remove any folders from getting converted saves you from unnecessarily converting irrelevant folders that are not needed. You can also remove all empty folders in a single click.
  • The tool features full support for converting text in any language. It includes the entire Unicode text encoding standard, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages. Such text can be harder to process because of their double-byte characters. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore with “Mail Extractor Pro”.
  • Offered by USL Software, you get 24 x 7 tech support always ready to help you regarding anything that you need help with. A good technical support is often missing from other solutions and can be have a huge impact in your experience, especially if you have uniquely complex and large Apple Mail databases to export to Outlook Windows.

Download to Export Apple Mail to Outlook Windows

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Export Apple Mail to Outlook

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