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Smart Way to Export Apple Mail to MBOX File for Keeping Local Backup!

To create a local backup copy of your mailbox, it is a good idea to use MBOX format. MBOX is accepted by many email clients as the data file format. But trying to export Apple Mail to MBOX file traditionally can be frustrating. There are number of issues with it:

  • When you import the exported MBOX file to other clients, you are likely to find many missing emails or the entire missing folders.
  • The very common and frustrating error in Apple Mail when you are trying to export the mailboxes: “Some messages could not be imported. The partially imported mailboxes are located in the mailbox named “Import” in the mailboxes list.”
  • Slow and error-prone archiving process when there are large number of emails. Apple Mail does not handle large emails very easily.
  • Problems with displaying Unicode characters correctly when using the exported MBOX file with other clients.
  • Folder hierarchy (the way your folders and sub-folders are arranged) can be difficult to maintain, mainly because many times users try to export one mailbox folder at a time, not the entire database as a whole.

The core issue with trying to export your mailboxes from Apple Mail to an MBOX file is the inconsistency of this file format.

Export Apple Mail to MBOX file format

Even though, technically, many email clients and other programs support the format, the MBOX exported from Apple Mail does not always work without any issues with the data. Apple Mail can easily transfer the folders between different installations of the client across different Mac computers. But when you are looking to either export the data to MBOX for keeping a local backup file or to migrate the data to other clients, like Thunderbird, the traditional method in not consistent and have dozens of issues.

So, let us see how to smartly get it done without facing any problems with the files later. You can export Apple Mail to MBOX file in a consistent, safe, and reliable way.

The Smartest Way for it

“Mail Extractor Max” is your answer. It is a MacOS compatible software app that you can quickly install, load your Apple Mail database in one click, then simply choose MBOX as your destination file in which to convert and save the data, and it will be all done in just a few minutes. It works consistently across all sorts of Apple Mail databases and the MBOX file it generates comply with the standard protocols of the format, making it perfectly compatible with any other program. The tool performs data management and transformation through adaptive algorithms that were written specifically to handle the way information is structured in Apple Mail database. You can also use the Auto-load feature to select the primary database (the ‘Mail’ folder on your Mac) in one-click, or choose other backup databases by specifying their location.

Mail Extractor Max can convert Apple Mail to EML (*.eml), MBOX (*.mbox), Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage Archive, Outlook for Mac etc.
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No Data Loss At All

All the usual problems associated with the job to export Apple Mail to MBOX file – missing images, folders coming up empty, loss of Unicode text, loss of folder hierarchy, and others – are not part of “Mail Extractor Max“. With this app, you get error-less, clean, and quick conversion to MBOX that you can use as a local backup of your Apple Mail folders. The user-interface of the tool also makes it practical and easy for those who are not computer professionals and are just looking to have the backup of their personal emails.

Get free trial copy

To see it in action and find out more about the tool, click the download link below and you can use it as a free demo to convert ten emails from each folder.

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