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Effective, Quick, and Accurate Means of Importing OLM to Entourage

How to Import OLM to Entourage

Effective means of data migration are few, or in fact, there’s just one when it comes to importing OLM to Entourage. It’s called “OLM Extractor Pro” from USL Software. It’s a Mac tool that converts Outlook 2011 Olm files to the files that are compatible with Entourage.

olm to entourage

Entourage was a great email client by Microsoft and it remains so for many users. Even though Outlook took over in 2010 as a new client, many users still use Entourage as their primary application for managing emails.

This creates a problem in certain cases.

  1. If you are switching to Entourage from Outlook 2011.
  2. If you need to share data with an Entourage user.

In both cases, using OLM file directly isn’t a solution. Since Entourage is based on older data files and doesn’t support OLM or any other modern data file format.

OLM Extractor Pro” helps you migrate data in spite of the above issue. As the name suggests, it will extracts the contents from OLM files and converts them to Entourage database files.

Here are some top features of the tool:

  • It converts text in any language, including the ones that use double-byte characters such as Japanese and Korean. This support for Unicode encoding standards is hard to find in other tools that import OLM to Entourage.
  • Full support for mapping the original folder hierarchy into Entourage files. Usually, the tools that extract contents from one file format to other (such as from OLM to Entourage) fail to keep the structure of your data folders exactly like the original. “OLM Extractor Pro” holds itself accountable for converting files without losing any of the input details.
  • This also applies to other metadata and minute details that email files like OLM usually contain. “OLM Extractor Pro” is the only tool that converts 100% of details from OLM to Entourage. Items like – metadata (To, From, Subject, Cc, Bcc), headers, attachments, etc. – are all converted with perfect control over the fidelity. This was achieved through advanced miro-operations that handle the detection of smaller but important events.
  • Batch conversion made possible. Now you can convert more than one OLM file to Entourage together. Gone are the old and painful days of converting each OLM separately. Imagine that time that you can save. Allowing the tool to convert in bulk by not compromising the speed and stability is a priceless feature of “OLM Extractor Pro” that makes it stand out from the rest. Speaking of productivity, the next impressive features is quick speed.
  • It also converts data very quickly. The enhanced data-flow enables the data to be converted from OLM to Entourage as quickly as 1 GB per ten minutes. Whereas, all other ordinary OLM to Entourage converters take more than 5 times for the similar sized file.

Try it for converting OLM to Entourage

With a self-explanatory interface, you’d face no problem in converting your data. However, if you have any queries, or face an unexpected setback, or basically require any sort of assistance, the USL Support is always a click away from offering full resolution to any of the issues you face.

Get it here:

You can download the free trial setup and check out all the features in person. It can be downloaded instantly here. This version works for ten items per folder without restricting other features. Get it now!

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