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Converting OST to EML smartly and Sidestepping Common Issues that Befall Most Email Migration Tasks!

Converting OST to EML is required if you want Outlook data in OST files to be moved to Windows Live Mail. EML is a format is commonly used in many emailing programs, and it is natively associated with Live Mail. Therefore, by converting OST to EML, you can easily migrate the data.

However, it needs a proper converter that is built by professionals and delivers clean output files without errors. Most of the times, the data can be incomplete with missing metadata and other finer details. Ordinary tools can even miss out on components like attachments and images on your emails.

Best Way for Converting OST to EML

To avoid all those common issues that often befall on such migration tasks, we bring to you a fully professional and accurate converter called “OST Extractor Pro.” It is the best tool out there, also recommended by many experts for converting OST files to many other formats, one of which includes EML.

converting ost to eml

There are several unique and plus points about ‘OST Extractor Pro’ that makes it is the first choice for the task. But the main ones include the usability and friendliness of the interface, and 2nd, the amazing algorithms network for control on data integrity.

To open OST file in Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox or Windows Live Mail, you can try ‘OST Extractor Pro’.

Friendly Interface

Nothing really amounts to much on any software program if the user-interface is thrown together without proper consideration. A poor UI can render even the most powerful features useless.

Thanks to USL Software, the UI of “OST Extractor Pro” is amazingly simple and functional at the same time. You can begin using it right away and would instinctively pick up all its features and how it works. The smart graphical design of the UI is the distinctive aspect that separates it from other OST to EML converter.

Precise Control on Data Integrity

Imagine opening your converted emails on EML files and noticing the images are gone or the attachments. Such loss of data components is called data integrity errors and can range anywhere from infuriating to absolutely devastating.

One loss of an image could potentially mean losing a precious picture of your family together or losing a contact detail of an important client. It is probably easy to estimate how worse the data integrity loss could be.

“OST Extractor Pro” is built with sophisticated algorithms at its heart that runs on your files with accuracy. Every information is processed under the dedicated network of scripts that does not neglect it and yield into perfectly precise output EML files.

USL Software is known for offering powerful email migration tools for years now. But with power and modern functionality, they also take care of the basic users’ needs and make sure the tools are simple enough to use for their intended purpose without going through complex tutorials. The same is with “OST Extractor Pro.” You can put it to use in any scenario involving converting OST to EML, home or work-related, and achieve professional results effortlessly.

Get free trial for converting OST to EML

Get yourself a free trial copy below. Try it out, and then later, at your own pace, you can pick one from several licenses that suits your scope of data conversion project (like how many machines you need the ost converter tool to install on and how many accounts you are responsible for migration).

convert ost to eml

For any queries, reach out to the support team. They are available 24 x 7 to make your job even easier than the tool’s amazing interface has already done so.

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