Converting Apple Mail to Thunderbird - 6 things Users Crave 1

Converting Apple Mail to Thunderbird – 6 things Users Crave

Moving your email data from one client to other, such as from Apple Mail to Thunderbird PC and Mac, is not like transferring movies from one computer to other. But, equally frequent and common for computer users.

Apple Mail & Thunderbrid

Apple Mail and Thunderbird have a vast amount of difference in their mode of operation; both have a certain distinction from each other, offer different set of features, and differs in functionality to some degree. That makes the migration of data very intimidating.

Convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Here, we review all 6 virtues or qualities users crave and wish were true when converting Apple Mail to Thunderbird PC or Mac, but are actually deprived of. The major cause is the inefficiency of ordinary tools and manual methods. At last, we present a surprisingly effective solution, where all these 6 wishes have actually come true, or may be more.

Let us get to it then

#1 – Compatibility issues

Since Apple Mail and Thunderbird works differently, the compatibility issues of any migration tool is a challenge. We all wish there was a tool that could run smoothly on Mac.

#2 – Installation issues

No one wants to squander their crucial hours, with potential of doing something fruitful, in installing of some overly complicated tool. Installation is the first step in converting Apple mail to Thunderbird and we all want it to be the simplest as possible.

#3 – Simple interface

After installation, we get to interact with the software’s front end or interface directly. For experts or computer specialists, it might be effortless or at least not head-scratching challenge to make sense of a bizarre interfaced tool, but for a normal human being, it would be. Most users crave a simple, straightforward, and easy to operate migration tool.

#4 – Speed of the conversion

The most convincing reason to employ a third party email migration software in place of manual ways is saving your time, one of the most valuable, but often times, ignored asset. The traditional Apple Mail to Thunderbird converter fail (or ignore) to offer high-speed conversions. Many are annoyingly slow and sluggish, taking up countless hours to finish Apple mail to Thunderbird data conversion.

#5 – Data Safety

If you think you may lose your files during Apple mail to Thunderbird migration, you are thinking right. The process is very heavy and technologically complex, resulting in over-load of computer processors and other threatening events; ultimately, exposing your files to risk of data loss. Such events are one of the most hated and horrifying events, something nobody would ever wish to experience.

#6 – Data Accuracy

Most users crave the accuracy of the final converted Thunderbird files, which is rarely achieved. The leakage or loss of data attributes along the process is called data integrity issues. Folder hierarchy, Unicode content, imbedded images, and metadata (SMTP headers) are some of the most vulnerable attributes of email files, and are often times lost. Achieving data accuracy and high data integrity is one of the most demanded quality by the users.

It is easy to conclude from above points that Apple mail to Thunderbird conversion is frustrating for many. Most of the obvious qualities that should have been offered by the third party apps are still not being implemented.

Tool That Satisfy All Your Needs

But, your wait is finally over. With “Mail Extractor Max”, you can convert your files from Apple mail to Thunderbird. Here are the major features:

apple mail to thunderbird
  • Full Apple mail converter– It not only converts Apple mail to Thunderbird, but is a full comprehensive tool to convert files from Apple mail to most of the popular email clients for Mac, such as, Entourage and Outlook 2011
  • Works directly with Mac, no compatibility issues
  • Installs within minutes, no hassles, no issues
  • Most simplistic interface and straightforward conversion wizard, complete your conversions in minutes and few clicks, by following the clear instructions and simple wizard.
  • Has full data safety mechanisms installed
  • Detailed and sharp programming ensures high level data accuracy
Convert Apple Mail to Thunderbrid

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