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Convert PST to MBOX Free Software – Convert Data Reliably with Consistence Results!

Convert PST to MBOX Free Software – from one of the leading companies in email migration domain. It features unparalleled interface with simplistic design and powerful algorithms for extensive conversion without data fidelity loss.

Convert PST to MBOX free Software

Through years of perfectionism of USL Software comes a software app to convert PST to MBOX that will ease the pain of an otherwise very demanding process.

If you are looking for a free software to convert PST to MBOX, this is your chance. USL Software developed “PST Extractor Pro” to simplify all aspects of this job and cleared up the path for you to move Outlook data to clients like Apple Mail and Thunderbird.

convert pst to mbox

A bit of a background info on this process: PST and MBOX files are used with Windows Outlook and Apple Mail/Thunderbird respectively. While PST is a proprietary file format for Windows Outlook, MBOX is a generic file for storing email data and can be used with Apple Mail and Thunderbird primarily, including other apps too.

You need to convert PST to MBOX to transfer or convert Outlook PST to Mac Mail or Thunderbird because PST isn’t compatible with them. You cannot simply move or import PST files to clients like Mac Mail due to the incompatibility. Converting the formats of those files work perfectly. The last step is to get a professional third-party converter you choose. And “PST Extractor Pro” fills that last remaining step with excellence.

Convert PST to MBOX Free Software

You can download the app using the link given in this article for your Mac OS X. It’s a small setup and is easily installable within few minutes. When you launch it without activation, you are by default launching into a free trial mode that works by converting ten items per folder. It’s a good way to check it out the features and the UI to get a feel of the utility. Activate it later after you are confident it serves your purpose.

Here are few of its features:

  • Works in Mac. Most PST to MBOX free software are Windows based, which isn’t ideal for the process.
  • Batch conversion: meaning you can load multiple PST files to convert them into MBOX in a single click.
  • Converts text from emails regardless of the languages. It also supports languages that use DBCS (double-byte) encoding characters, like Chinese and other variants (Japanese, Korean, etc.)
  • Extremely quick: able to convert one GB file in less than 10 minutes under the general conditions, depending on your computer specs, background running processes, and more.
  • You can choose to save your converted/output read and unread emails under two separate folders in MBOX files
  • The tool converts the contacts and calendar entries from PST into VCF (‘virtual contact file’ for the contacts) and ICS (Calendar file for Mac) respectively
  • You can also choose to convert all contacts and calendar entries from one folder into a single VCF and ICS file (respectively), instead of converting each contact or calendar entry into individual files. (Best for importing large contacts and calendar database)
  • You can set the maximum size limit for the output MBOX files. The tool automatically creates additional MBOX files (all with the same size limit restriction) if required. This way you can be sure that if there are many PST files and are huge in size, you don’t get one single massive MBOX file that can be hard to import to the clients.

Convert PST to MBOX free Software Download

“PST Extractor Pro” also has a simple UI to use all these features and convert PST to MBOX conveniently. Even for a beginner, the tool works flawlessly and you will never have to worry about an otherwise very time-consuming and frustrating process, which is usually the case with other traditional converters.

Get it here:

Download the setup and check it out in a free trial mode to get a hang of it.

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To convert pst to mbox, try ‘PST Extractor Pro’ today.