Outlook PST to Mac Mail

Two Different Methods of Converting Outlook PST to Mac Mail and Which One Should You Choose!

Convert Outlook PST to Mac Mail

Converting Outlook PST to Mac Mail is the job of converting files for exporting emails, contacts, and other items from Outlook to Mac Mail. We can’t simply import PST into Mac Mail because it is not compatible.

Let us see the two different methods commonly employed to move Outlook data to Mac Mail. The first one doesn’t use PST files, so it is not exactly a method for PST to Mac Mail. The second option requires PST files.

1. Migrate Outlook to Mac Mai Using IMAP Sync Method!

IMAP is a protocol used in modern email clients to sync your data from email servers to the desktop email client like Outlook and Mac Mail. Using this method, you can get your data exported across any different email clients.

So, this is how you can move Outlook to Mac Mail using IMAP method and without using PST files.

  1. Create a dummy email account (like in Gmail)
  2. Add that account to your Windows Outlook
  3. Sync all your Outlook data to the email account servers
  4. Add the same email account into Mac Mail
  5. This time, sync the data from servers to Mac Mail client.

The above 5 methods might sound simple, but they are not, especially if you have a large database in Windows Outlook. First, you need an emailing service that allows you the space on servers equal to the data you want to transfer. Second, the job requires a lot of time and internet bandwidth because it is essentially downloading and uploading the data.

But most importantly, the migration performed using IMAP method isn’t accurate, which is quite sad considering the amount of efforts, time, and internet bandwidth it takes. You can observe a lot of missing information at the end of conversion.

Therefore you should avoid this.

2. Use a Third-Party PST file Converter

Since Outlook PST isn’t compatible with Mac Mail, the other option we have is to convert PST to MBOX file that can be imported to Mac Mail. There are few third-party file converters that can do this for you, however majority of them are not up for the task. They can be inefficient, resulting in data corruption and integrity loss.

The one tool that doesn’t follow the same traditions and as a result, offers the best way to convert Outlook PST to Mac Mail is called “PST Extractor Pro” and it’s really a great tool for that.

convert outlook pst to mac mail
  • If you are not confident about it, go try the free demo version to see what it’s all about.
  • If you want to know more about it, here’s a brief list of its features:
  • It supports batch conversion of PST files
  • It converts data accurately without messing with the metadata or properties
  • It supports conversion of non-English text
  • It keeps the folder hierarchy same
  • It has a simple interface for beginners
  • It converts data with extremely fast speeds.
  • It comes with a 24×7 customer support of USL Software.
  • It generates a full log report for detailed analysis
  • The full versions makes you eligible for receiving future updates free for lifetime
  • The tool works completely offline, no add-ons, no plugins.

Try to Convert Outlook PST to Mac Mail

So, get it now and start converting Outlook PST to Mac Mail. There’s no other Mac compatible tool right now that can deliver the same set of features and quality like it does.

Get the installer file here: http://www.pstextractorpro.com/.

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