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Do you have OST files with your important data stored? You may or may not have realized that you cannot import those files to Outlook the same way you can with PST files.

PST and OST are two different data files that work in different ways. Where PST (short for ‘Personal Storage Table’) is a typical data file that can be used for archiving, backup, export/import, etc. OST is an internal raw data file. This means that Outlook automatically functions with the help of OST file internally. Users cannot manually use OST in other ways.

Not realizing that, most of the users often delete their original email account and keep OST files as backup, falsely assuming that they can later import OST to recover data. This is often the case when an employee switches or leaves a particular company.

There are other times when Outlook can produce an error saying it cannot open OST files. This often mean that there is some sort of corruption that makes the OST files inaccessible but the data inside the files is okay.

In such cases, it makes sense to convert OST to PST using an either free or paid software tool. But finding a tool that can convert data accurately is still a big step and very concerning for basic users because not many tools exist that can perform this task correctly.

Best way to Convert OST to PST

Welcome to USL Software. It’s a leading company that has been offering quality email conversion tools since many years now. If you are willing to give it a try, continue reading the passages below to find out how the company has solved the issue of converting OST to PST files by offering an extremely accurate software tool that is also available in a free trial version.

It is officially titled as “OST Extractor Pro” and you can get it using the link below.


convert ost to pst

OST to PST is a very convoluted process requiring plenty of dedicated logic geared towards every complex component, piece of information, and hierarchy in your data files. It also requires a simple way to interact with the features. So that users don’t have to suffer with productivity loss. A tool that’s hard to use, takes a lot of time, and is sloppy negates the whole purpose and isn’t simply worth it.

Convert OST to PST Software free

But this is where “OST Extractor Pro” totally shines and comes through as an amazing tool for this job. It’s powerful inner-framework of algorithms ensure the conversion is clean and exhaustive, missing no data items from output. It also has an incredibly simple GUI that a non-experienced user can use to convert data conveniently. The data-flow rate is smooth and quick so as to save your precious time.

Convert OST to PST Software

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Convert OST to PST Software Free Trial

You can try it out today and see it for yourself!

The link to download the free setup is given below.

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Convert OST to PST Software free download available for both Mac and Windows.

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