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Convert OLM to MBOX

Are you finding ways to convert OLM to MBOX in Mac without putting too much of your time and without losing the details of your data along the way?

Bad news is, that it is usually very hard. You have to either manually put a lot of efforts, or buy an expensive custom-built tool usually developed for corporations, or face incomplete conversion of data that could potential loss of many of your important details.

Well, to be honest, neither of those is acceptable in any of the situations. Maybe you are willing to put many hours into the process, but to do that it requires experience and technical knowledge about email migration.

Don’t worry. There’s good news too.

Good news is that USL Software, the leading source of dozens of professional email migration tools have come up with a solution to convert OLM to MBOX in Mac directly that can be used by anyone, comes as a free trial version, offers data integrity protection, is available in several affordable licenses depending on your needs, and is backed up by 24×7 customer support.

The biggest concern during any email migration project is the loss of elements like folder hierarchy and non-English characters. So, let’s first get that out of the way.

Folder Hierarchy:

Almost everyone in today’s age that deals with emails arrange their emails in folders and sub-folders. Over the years, this arrangement of folders can become complicated with branches that go too deep. During the job of data migration, there’s a big risk involved in losing that arrangement of folders, making it too painful to makes sense and manage your emails after the conversion to MBOX files.

This is one of the limitations of typical converters that USL Software has managed to resolve through their brilliant conversion framework. The logic employed to detect the folders and their order works its way through the transition, safely preserving the hierarchy, and giving you the same original structure in output/converted MBOX files.

Non-English characters:

Emails have become quite common due to several reasons. They can be used to communicate instantly, either through simple text or through file-sharing (attachments). And they are limited to any region or country. Basically, anyone with an internet connection can access this wonder of the modern world. This makes it less likely for any heave user of emails to have the entire database in English and English only. You probably have text that may contain non-English characters too. It’s even less likely for a corporate database to have the entire emails database in English.

Converting non-English text characters are hard. But what are even harder are to convert languages that use complex encoding standards like DBCS, UTF-8, Unicode etc. Chinese language is one of those that is tricky to convert in email bodies, and other Chinese variants like Korean and Japanese.

OLM Extractor Pro” is the only Mac OLM to MBOX converter that is built with a fully supported with a dedicated logic that converts your emails in all languages perfectly. IT performs a clean job of thoroughly converting the text within the bodies of your emails, regardless of what language characters they are encoded with.

convert olm to mbox

Other than these two important features that many of the users have always wished for in an OLM to MBOX converter, the tool has a lot of other features to offer as well.

Convert OLM to MBOX – the features

  • It can convert the metadata and headers associated with emails quite perfectly. This includes date and time stamps, Cc, Bcc, Subject line, To, From, etc.
  • It also converts email attachments without losing any file.
  • The interface is so simple that even a beginner can begin converting the files without going through any tutorial or getting familiarized with technical jargon.
  • OLM to MBOX conversion is the most used feature. But it can also convert the OLM files to other formats, such as Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage, EML, etc.
  • Extremely quick data-conversion rate ensures you don’t give it any more of your precious time than necessary
  • The batch conversion support makes every other utility inefficient and slow. You can now load multiple OLM files and convert them all together into MBOX in a single click. And doing so doesn’t compromise with the safety or precision of your data.
  • It allows to convert and save the read and unread emails in separate folders
  • The tool features clean conversion of contacts and calendar data into VCF and ICS file respectively.
  • You can also choose to convert all contacts per folder into a single VCF file. As opposed to converting a single contact into an individual file
  • Same applies for calendar entries. You can choose to convert all of them per folder into a single ICS file. As opposed to getting countless ICS files for all your entries in the Outlook calendar
  • The detailed and easy to read conversion log at the end of the process can make things a lot easier for professionals for larger conversion projects.

Download today to convert olm to mbox

So, you can get the free trial version and check it out yourself. You can convert ten items per folder in free mode, and get a very clear idea of how it works.

Download Now at http://www.olmextractorpro.com/.

Also, there’s 24×7 customer support to take advantage of. Get your questions, doubts, setbacks, anything – resolved instantly.

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Get OLM Extractor Pro today to convert olm to mbox.

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