Convert OLM file to Mac Mail With Sharp Precision! 1

Convert OLM file to Mac Mail With Sharp Precision!

Convert OLM file to Mac Mail / Apple Mail

Every program has its own methods of dealing with data. The difference how they operate can make them incompatible with each, and it can result in making the task of email migration a nightmare. This is seen nowhere as intensely as while converting data from OLM file to Mac Mail.

OLM file is associated with Mac Outlook, and Mac Mail cannot detect OLM files for importing data. The way both Outlook and Mac Mail operates from within can make a complicated situation for users trying to migrate data across each other.
This has created a common myth that email migration is always tricky, no matter what tool or method one applies for the job. For years, it was almost true, but not anymore.

As it turns out, all it needed to make the job flawless and easy was accurate and professionally written logic and algorithms to extract information from files. As for now, only “OLM Extractor Pro” from USL Software has made it possible. It employs modern and advanced logic to scan and read your contents from OLM files and put it inside Mac Mail MBOX files after clean conversion.

The difference between “OLM Extractor Pro” and any other tool for converting OLM file to Mac Mail is evident. Notice the contents inside MBOX files you got through any other tool. They will not be similar to the original OLM files. You can see fragmentation and defects like broken images, muddled folder hierarchy, damaged non-English string of text, and more. There is nothing more painful than seeing such data corruption during email migration, and yet the issue hasn’t been tackled by anybody serious, except USL Software.

convert olm file to mac mail

Apart from its powerful ability to convert data cleanly, “OLM Extractor Pro” also brings new features to the table that will make the job more productive. For example – conversion of contacts and calendar data. Most tools would simply ignore folders that contain contacts and calendar entries. “OLM Extractor Pro” doesn’t.

Another important feature you might be wishing for forever is the support for batch conversion. You can now convert any number of files you want without worrying about crashing the tool or affecting the data within the files. This is only possible through modern data computation logic that USL Software offers.

And all of this is made even better by a simple screen through which you can interact with its features. The entire process is very straightforward and self-explanatory, which is a big relief for non-experienced users. Every feature, option, button, etc. is placed inside its GUI smartly, so as to offer you a lot of flexibility but without compromising the complexity and without overwhelming the users.

Take a look at this brief tutorial and notice how easy it is to convert OLM file to Mac Mail using “OLM Extractor Pro“. Watch the video and follow the steps.

Download Free Copy for Trial at

How it Works:

  1. Get the setup here, install it, and use it in a free trial mode for now.
  2. launch it, and click ‘Add OLM.’
  3. Select the OLM files you need to convert
  4. Check the folders you need to convert
  5. Check other settings relating to contacts and calendar, etc.
  6. Click ‘Convert’

Depending on the size of your database, the tool will generate the MBOX fies for Mac Mail in no time. USL Software offers 24×7 customer support for users that might need help. Although, it is unlikely you will. Download the trial version now and convert OLM file to Mac Mail.