convert emlx to pst

Convert EMLX to PST for Free Using a Trial Mode of “Mail Extractor Pro”

Convert EMLX to PST for free with Mail Extractor Pro Free trial

Mail Extractor Pro” developed by USL Software that helps make the job of converting EMLX to PST easier.

The reason for that is that tool can detect the identity folder of ‘Mail’ that is usually located in your user’s library. This helps to avoid the task of archiving data to MBOX files. It also does not require you to manually load EMLX files.

So technically, the tool is more than the simple EMLX to PST converter. It helps in Apple Mail migration in the best way possible.

convert emlx to pst

Here are top four  features of the tool:

Folder Hierarchy

the structure of folders is a very important thing in your email database. If you’ve lost all that, the email management can get very messy. And yet, most of the EMLX to PST free tools fail to provide that safety. “Mail Extractor Pro” does. It holds special algorithms that accurately scans the ‘Mail’ database and convert emails without losing the structure they are bound in.

Non-English characters

converting text in languages other than English is harder than it may sound. The entire program for the converter changes if a developer wants to include characters in other languages. Languages like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese become even harder because they are encoded in double-byte characters. Thankfully, “Mail Extractor Pro” was built with the full support of converting non-English text.

Splitting large PST files

One of the most important new features added to PST format is the expansion of its storage capacity. PST files can get very large. Considering that, it is a surprise that Outlook for Windows often does not import large PST files. This drawback is frequently ignored by traditional EMLX to PST converters. But not by “Mail Extractor Pro.” Here, you can set a maximum size limit and the tool will take care of the rest. The tool, in effect, split large PST files into smaller files if the limit is crossed.


The user interface is the most important part of any software application. If the features cannot be intuitively used by the first time users, they are of no use. A bad interface can make a well-developed application dreadful to use. USL Software didn’t make the same mistake with “Mail Extractor Pro.” The UI of the tool is designed keeping the user’s comfort and ease in mind. So plenty of advanced features are laid out in a minimalistic approach UI so as not to overwhelm users with any optional feature. It is made in a way that the first time users can start converting the files from the very first second.

If you are looking to convert EMLX to PST for free, you can do that using the free trial mode. It converts ten items from each folder. You get to try out all the features without any restriction.

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convert emlx to pst for free

Try Mail Extractor Pro evaluation copy to convert EMLX to PST for free.

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