What is the Best Approach if You want to Convert EMLX to EML!

Convert EMLX to EML – The Best Approach

Many users want to convert their EMLX files to EML in Mac (convert EMLX to EML). If you look around, you will few manual methods that, in a way, helps you convert the files from EMLX extension to EML. One of those manual techniques use the Mac application called “Automator.”

But in reality, apps like Automator only rename the files with .EMLX extension to .EML extension in bulk. The files don’t actually get converted. You could import .EML files gotten this way, however, the data shown in Entourage, or Outlook Express, or Windows Live Mail, or wherever you import these .EML files will be defected and damaged. Such techniques don’t maintain the fidelity of your emails and their metadata.

Another approach is to use free EMLX to EML Mac converters. Such converters do indeed give you genuine EML files (not just rename the EMLX files), but are not up to the ask as you would like. They are also very difficult to use by novice users, and can be very slow in converting huge chunks of data.

Furthermore, most of the tools are just renaming tools in disguise. They include certain options for flexibility but aren’t doing the actual file conversion, which is more complex but generates precise results.

Today, we have something special for you. This tool will resolve all the issues stated above that always show up when you apply manual techniques or free converters. It’s easy to use, converts 100% of data (and metadata), and is really fast. Moreover, it also has one unique feature that makes everything even more fine-tuned for cleaner data migration.

It’s called ‘Mail Extractor Max.’ Built by USL Software, the tool has everything you need to convert EMLX to EML or Apple Mail to EML.

convert emlx to eml

The simplest way to explain how this tool is different from all other conventional EMLX to EML converters is that: –

  • It is not a simple renaming software in disguise
  • It is an EMLX to EML converter, but that is just one of its functions. It is more than that.
  • It is an actual email migration utility that takes into consideration everything a user needs while migrating their data.

So, to start off with the most profitable feature of “Mail Extractor Max,” it has an auto-load option. Upon choosing ‘auto-load,’ you don’t need to manually load any EMLX files at all. The tool will automatically find your Apple Mail database that is generally located in your users’ library folder. It picks up everything straight from there and gets it ready to convert into EML files.

Other input options include loading the backup Apple Mail database from any location, including external drives. You can also convert MBOX format, which is the archived format for Apple Mail.

One last feature of ‘Mail Extractor Max’ is that it also lets you convert your input (Apple Mail, EMLX, or MBOX files) into multiple other formats. EML is just one of them. You can convert your data from Apple Mail to Entourage 2004/2008, Outlook 2011, OLM files, Thunderbird, Postbox, and MBOX files.

emlx to eml converter

The interface is fairly basic and friendly. Even the complete novice users would have no problem converting their EMLX to EML Mac files.

USL Software worked heavily upon making it the most accurate tool for this task. Most of the other converters fail to convert certain forms of data (like attachments, images, metadata, headers, non-English text, etc.). But, ‘Mail Extractor Max’ has no problem converting the database in its entirety. When you will import EML files wherever you want them to import, you will find that your data’s integrity is preserved to the last, smallest item.

Try it today. You can get the setup here and can try it out in the free trial mode first.

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