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Convert EML to PST for Microsoft Outlook!

Hiring a professional every time you want to convert EML to PST can be heavy on your pocket. It may be better for your data, but the thought is not practical for small scale businesses or individuals. You need to find a better solution to your conversion problem.

The best scenario for the situation would be finding a conversion solution that provides a professional level performance at an affordable price. Fortunately, there is an eml files conversion solution in the market that fulfills this criteria. It provides you with a consistent professional level performance and falls in a very affordable price range. This article talks about it in detail. Just continue reading to find out more.

Professional level performance can be affordable

If you search for a professional conversion solution for your data migration process, the most common result that comes up is third-party converter. Third-party converter tools are simple software applications. They provide you with features that are capable of handling data problems that your previous conversion solution failed to deal with.

The problem about these converter tools is that the number of options present in the market. They are an in-demand solution. Therefore, their supply has been flourishing. This may sound good but is the exact opposite. There are a number of substandard solutions being pushed into the market. They are bad for your EML to PST conversion. Therefore, you cannot trust any converter tool blindly.

The Best Tool to Convert EML to PST

Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software is the tool to go for. The tool is hands down the best tool to convert EML to PST. Why? Because of the feature list that the tool supports. The tool provides you with an exceptional combination of all the best features. This combination solves all the problems that you can have with your conversion process.

It can also convert Thunderbird, Postbox, Mac Mail, MBOX to PST.

convert eml to pst

The feature list of the tool is very long. Some of them are:

Autoload Entire Database:

The tool makes your conversion process easier, better and quicker. It does by reducing human interaction with the process. The tool does so by autoloading the entire database files. This ensures that everything is loaded for your EML to PST Conversion process. Thus, making the process safer and more efficient.

Retain the Folder Structure:

Messed up folder structure can become very hard to deal with post the conversion process. The tool helps you in maintaining the folder structure during the conversion process.  This makes carrying out your post conversion operation easier. You can easily find the things you are looking for and can manipulate the data more easily.

Split Large PST Files:

Large PST files won’t be a problem anymore for you. They usually contain a large amount of data and become hard to convert. This tool splits large PST files into smaller ones. This makes the EML to PST conversion easier.  Thus, ensuring a safe and accurate conversion process.

convert eml to pst microsoft outlook

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