Convert Apple Mail to Windows Live Mail Like a Pro! 1

Convert Apple Mail to Windows Live Mail Like a Pro!

Convert Apple Mail to Windows Live Mail

To do anything like a pro, you need professional tools and assistance. Email migration tasks, like converting Apple Mail to Windows Live Mai severely any such tools for users to migrate data efficiently.

Not only do both clients have entirely separate framework for managing emails, they also run on two very different operating systems – Mac and Windows.

Their data files (MBOX and EML) are also far too dissimilar to convert through conventional means.

This makes converting Apple Mail to Windows Live Mail a very difficult job, and even more difficult to achieve professional level results. The data accuracy is always compromised, productivity is hampered, and everything becomes chaotic.

Fortunately, today you are going to get what will put an end to all the troubles of converting Apple Mail to Windows Live Mail.

It’s a Mac utility, called “Mail Extractor Max” – it has the robust design and algorithms for extracting data properly.

Besides, the tool is built keeping the most basic users’ needs and skill-set in mind. The result is an advanced, modern email migration tool that is also ridiculously easy to use.

The team behind ‘Mail Extractor Max’ is the same that has given many other popular email migration applications. Brought to you by USL Software, the app will finally provide you the relief from all the issues that conventional tools never could for converting Apple Mail to Windows Live Mail.

convert apple mail to windows live mail

A major difference between ‘Mail Extractor Max’ and other tools is the options available for input that gives professional results. Up until now, the dominant technique for converting Apple Mail to any other format was to use Apple Mail archived format called MBOX files.

These archived files were then converted to the output files of the users’ choice (EML for Windows Live Mail in this case).

However, ‘Mail Extractor Max’ brings a new and effective input method where you don’t need MBOX files.

You simply choose ‘auto-load’ option and the tool will pick up all the contents from the main database of Apple Mail, usually stored in users’ library folders.

Here’s how it works:

  1. After installing the tool, click on ‘Load’ and choose ‘Auto-load’. The secondary option is to choose ‘open’ which lets you load MBOX files (the traditional approach). The auto-load option is preferred over the manual traditional style of converting MBOX files.
  2. The tool scans the database thoroughly and displays all the folders inside it in the correct structure. You can mark or unmark the folders.
  3. Choose ‘EML’ as output and click ‘Convert’ and wait for the tool to finish extracting every item from the Apple Mail to EML files.
  4. Import EML files to Windows Live Mail.

Mail Extractor Max’ lets you do this otherwise a tedious job in mere four steps.

And the accuracy of the entire task is incredibly sharp. This lets you migrate data like an IT professional with expensive and custom-built tools without actually putting a dent in your budget.

The available economical licenses are offered for different needs – personal, household, commercial, or for large enterprises.

You can also try a free demo edition to check out the features in person. This free mode works for ten items per folder for indefinite period and doesn’t block any other aspect of the program. So, you can evaluate everything in details and only buy the full version when you are fully satisfied.

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