convert apple mail to pst

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook PST Successfully Using USL Software’s Excellent Solution!

Apple Mail and Outlook are two email clients with biggest userbase in Mac OS X and Windows. But when it comes to users switching their email clients, they can often be notoriously difficult, as there are no official solutions from either side.

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook PST

There are third-party tools and a manual solution but they don’t work as you’d expect them to. You’d often find your data integrity compromised. Which means, loss of images, attachments, metadata and headers, smaller details like text formatting and properties, and so on. This can make the data migration incredibly frustrating.

But today we bring a truly fine solution from USL Software that will make Apple Mail to Outlook PST conversion a breeze. And there’s a good reason why their solution hits the spot perfectly. It’s because it’s not based on the generic MBOX file conversion approach. The team at USL Software worked from scratch to deliver a product that is a complete solution to email migration, not just a mere file conversion tool.

The tool that USL Software has brought for you is called “Mail Extractor Pro.”

convert apple mail to outlook pst

The team of developers at USL Software has done everything differently. But the biggest improvement over the conventional solution is that the tool doesn’t need MBOX files to convert Apple Mail data. It can automatically and directly load the profile/identity database where everything Apple Mail stores in its raw format. Extracting data from the source eliminates half of the problems that show up while extracting from archived files.

Here’s what that does:

  • The first and most obvious improvement is that it makes the entire process much easier. What’s easier – manually archiving data to MBOX files then loading those files up one by one into the converter to convert them into Outlook PST files or converting the entire database with a single click?
  • It also makes the job quicker. You can now start the conversion in just a single click. The painfully slow conversion tools have always been a big pain for users who value their precious time and don’t want to hurt their productivity.
  • Most importantly, targeting the source of Apple Mail data instead of archived MBOX files make the conversion highly precise. You cannot expect any single item or component to go missing.

Here are few other features of ‘Mail Extractor Pro’:

  • It can not only convert Apple Mai to Outlook PST files, but can also convert Thunderbird, Postbox, and MBOX files to PST files.
  • MBOX to PST conversion is the traditional solution that USL Software doesn’t recommend. But for those who need it, it is still an option with “Mail Extractor Pro.”
  • The tool can split large PST files into smaller files. You can set the limit for how large do you want the output PST files to go before the tool creates another file.
  • Manually check the folders before conversion and exclude the ones you don’t want to export to Windows Outlook
  • Brief and detailed log report at the end of conversion can prove to be highly valuable, especially if the scale of your migration project is huge.
convert apple mail to outlook

Download to Convert Apple Mail to Outlook PST

If you are interested in knowing more, the best thing to do is directly try “Mail Extractor Pro. You can check out all the features directly and see how easy the interface makes the whole process to be.

Download the setup here:

The customer support for USL Software is 24×7, offering the experts’ help to anyone who needs it.

convert apple mail to pst

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Try ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ today to convert Apple mail to Outlook PST.

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