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Change from OST to PST Successfully Without Complications!

Change from OST to PST easy and effective. If you’re looking for a tool to change OST to PST, then you in right place.

Change from OST to PST

OST and PST files are used by Windows Outlook for storing data, but they are both used in a different way. If you have OST files, you cannot open it through Outlook manually, like you can import PST files. OST was created to let users work with data even offline; it’s more like an offline cache copy of your mailbox servers and any changes made automatically get synced through internet to the servers.

Often, OST is misunderstood as the native file for storing data like PST is. And that can create inaccessible OST files with important data inside them but no way to recover it.

Application to Change OST to PST

“OST Extractor Pro” is the excellent solution for this problem. You can use this tool to convert the OST files to PST without a sweat.

One of the main reasons is its interface that allows even non-experienced users to convert the files without learning any technical knowledge.

Developed by USL Software, the designers made sure that the interface isn’t as complicated as with other ordinary OST to PST converter without compromising with features and power. The tool still offers many options without cluttering the clean interface, making it super easy for you to convert data.

Super SImple to Change OST to PST

Other impressive trait of “OST Extractor Pro” is how accurately it can work with files and convert data without integrity damage. Emails in modern world are more complex than they used to be. They don’t merely contain simple text but a lot of other information that are hard to process and convert through ordinary algorithms. And this is where “OST Extractor Pro” totally separates itself with conventional solutions.

change from ost to pst

The accuracy of data converted through “OST Extractor Pro” is full professional. Which means that all the large files and small details will be converted into PST without loss.

All Data Will Be Converted Correctly:

  • Email Attachments (all files)
  • Metadata and headers of emails that include information like To, from, cc, bcc, subject
  • All the images inside email bodies
  • Nested Messages
  • And so on.

If you are not ready to lose those components, you should use ‘OST Extractor Pro” for the required accuracy, which is close to 100% with this tool.

Other necessary features that often lack with traditional solutions include support for converting non-English text and keeping folder hierarchy safe. There are languages like Chinese that use complex encoding standards (DBCS) and can be hard to convert between different formats. But “OST Extractor Pro” knows how to convert it properly without damage.

Folder hierarchy is also a challenging part of database that often gets ruined due to inefficient algorithms. That’s not going to be the case with ‘OST Extractor Pro“.

Get it to change from OST to PST

Download its free trial version to see all the features up close and see it working in action. You won’t regret it!

Get it here: http://www.ostextractorpro.com/ and it will simplify your ost to pst conversion needs.

change ost to pst

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To change from OST to PST with ‘OST Extractor Pro‘ safe, secure and change ost to pst accurately.

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