Apple Mail to PST Conversion Quick and Easy Way 1

Apple Mail to PST Conversion Quick and Easy Way


Apple Mail to PST Conversion

Mail Extractor Pro has become such a popular tool because it serves the needs of every customer base. You can use it for large corporations and individuals. The tool converts Apple mail to PST format which has been the most popular form of conversion in the recent few months.

What makes this tool special has been its versatility. IT is easy to use but can also convert any size of Apple mail database. IT can handle multiple tasks easily and still find strength to preserve folder arrangement.

More amazing tales of Mail Extractor Pro:-

Apple Mail to PST Conversion

Mail Extractor Pro can convert Apple Mail to PST, Thunderbird to PST, Postbox to PST and MBOX to PST file format. PST can be imported into both Mac & Win Outlook.

Simple to use

The interface of Mail Extractor Pro makes it very simple and easy to use. This clearly enhances customers’ experiences of using the tool. The interface is also highly user-friendly and interactive which further helps in making customers feel at home.

The complexities of the task are never allowed to surface and customers are usually oblivious to them. Plus, self- explanatory features are provided which help in simplifying every process for customers.


What is the limit to which a process can be made easy for customers by their tool? For Mail Extractor Pro, it is none. IT has a simple interface which makes customers’ life easy in converting their Apple mail database to PST format. However, it goes one step further and makes customer’s life heaven by fully automating the process. To ever Apple mail to PST Conversion practitioner’s delight, The tool is fully automatic. That means no more stress and headaches in converting Apple mail to PST format. Everything is possible with Mail Extractor Pro.

Bulk Conversions

Bulk conversions are norms in Mail Extractor Pro. This tool has perfected and enhanced the art of bulk conversions. It carries them out with its signature batching approach. Which helps it to convert even the largest size of OST database is the shortest time span. The quality of conversion is never compromised with in these extremely risky bulk conversions.

This feature makes Mail Extractor Pro the most sought after tool. Businesses want this tool in their kitty as soon as possible. NO Business ever had to modify the tool to suit its needs because the tool has been made with every scenario in mind. Plus, it offers ace version of bulk conversion is a big relief for many businesses.

Preserves folder hierarchy

Bulk conversions are very risky which is why not many tools claim to have perfected this art. When some does, their failure shows in a distorted mail hierarchy. Folder arrangement should be preserved at all cost because only then customers will be able to access their converted files with ease. This is exactly what Mail Extractor Pro does.

Apple Mail to PST Converter

Free Trial for Apple Mail to PST Conversion

The demo version of Mail Extractor Pro has been made available free of charge. You can avail of the offer by visiting Mail Extractor Pro’s website and download the demo version.

But before downloading the tool, make sure you have the following requirements:-

  • Mac OS 10.6 or higher with all recent updates installed
  • Free hard disk space for proper operation
  • Administrative permissions required for installation.

Try it here:

Download Mail Extractor Pro right now for your Apple Mail to PST Conversion.

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