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Apple Mail and Outlook (Comparison and Conversion)

Apple Mail and Outlook, the conversion is one of the most common conversion process that takes place across the globe. Thousands of users everyday try to carry out conversion of their data from Apple Mail and Outlook. This process that seems very easy is nothing short of a battle. The technicalities and complications involved in the conversion process can be very challenging, especially to new users.

Apple Mail and Outlook: The Comparison

Apple Mail, a very famous and feature laden email client available to MacOS users. Since, its launch the email client has grown in popularity due to the wide range of its features. The user base has grown and it has become a favorite among a lot of users.

As far as Outlook is concerned, it needs no introduction. Outlook has been around for sometime now. It is one of the most famous email clients on both Windows and MacOS. It is known for its robust features and ability to deal with complex problems.

Both of the email clients may be very famous and easy to use, but the migration of data from Apple Mail and Outlook isn’t easy. Outlook on Windows uses PST format and that can be a problem while transferring the data from Apple Mail and Outlook.

You may have read many ways that claim to be the best ways of importing data from Apple Mail to Outlook. But if you go down that way only thing you’ll find is disappointment. You cannot completely and accurately convert data from Apple Mail to Outlook without the help of a third-party converter tool.

Best third-party tool for converting data from Apple Mail to Outlook

Third-party converters are software tool designed for the specific purpose of converting data from Apple Mail to Outlook. These tools provide you with different and special features that help you get the best out of your conversion process. And Mail Extractor Max from USL Software is the best one in the game.

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The tool is an all round tool that helps you with all aspects of the conversion process and help you achieve a successful, error free and quick conversion process. The list of features that the tool provides is a long one, some of them are:

apple mail and outlook comparison

Flexibility with loading up the database files:

The tool autoloads the default “Mail” folder on Mac. This saves you the time and energy and reduced errors that can occur while loading the data for conversion.

Complete and Accurate Conversion:

The algorithms that the tool run on provides you with such powerful algorithms that help in converting all and every kind of data present in the input file without any issues. Thus, making the conversion process a flawless one.

Easy to Use:

The interface of the tool is one of its best features. It makes it very easy, even for the first timers, to use the tool and carry out the conversion process easily. A detailed guide and just a few clicks brings you to your destination.

apple mail and outlook conversion

This is just the starting, the tool offers a lot more. Download the free trial of the tool today and get started with your conversion process today.

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If you are looking for Apple Mail and Outlook conversion tool, below are you can try.